A film portrait in three parts by Magdalena Frey
2009, 19'12"


In 1991, using a Super 8 camera, I documented the changes to my body during my pregnancy with my daughter Emilie. After her birth, many more Super 8 sequences came into being during the infancy of our children. At the time, I thought about an implementation in the form of a film, but could not yet utilize the Super 8 material according to my wishes.

Seventeen years later, I had the opportunity to digitize the 8mm film material along with other video recordings. Additionally, I filmed Emilie continuously in everyday situations for several months, at school and during free time. Now it was possible for me to edit and assemble the film sequences with the help of a computer. The result was a film in three parts: pregnancy - birth - young Emilie.

Idea, concept and editing: Magdalena Frey
Cinematography: Magdalena Frey, Heinz Cibulka, Jasmin Vrhel, Camillo Cibulka, studio material
Technical consulting: Camillo Cibulka, Christian Thüringer, Dominik Pichler

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