Casa Yolia – Mexico City

A Video by Magdalena Frey
2012, 17 min


The short film Casa Yolia - Mexico City presents the charitable institution Casa Yolia and the girls and women in its care in Mexico City, a metropolis of 25 million people.

Magdalena Frey was able to shoot this film in one of Casa Yolia's facilities as well as at the sleeping place of a group of homeless people.

With this film, she wishes to draw attention to a way of life feared by society, the life of homeless people at the very edge of society. Her tender yet fearless approach earns her the trust of people in circumstances which are difficult to comprehend. The almost childlike candor of these women, men and children is met by the filmmaker with dignity and affection. The scenes touch upon deep layers of human vulnerability as well as human grace. It is not simply compassion that moves the viewer, but above all the tremendous character of the aides at Casa Yolia who try to help these girls and women attain a dignified way of life.

Mexican music played and sung by a musician from this fascinating city, as well as the dramatic music of the Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla*, weave the images into an exotic experience. Despite the noticeable differences between the lives of these Mexican men and women and those of European viewers, those seeing this film cannot help but be deeply moved.

*Recording of a rehearsal of the Junge Philharmonie Salzburg, directed by Elisabeth Fuchs.

Camera, Editing and Production: Magdalena Frey
Assistant director: Emilie Cibulka