Short film von Magdalena Frey
Budapest 2009, 7 min


The short film "ANDI" is a portrayal of an artist in Budapest by Magdalena Frey.

Andi lives within a cultural network in the heart of Budapest, which also effectively functions at an international level. She expresses many of her artistic statements through her own life. In many ways her clothing and the home that she shares with her husband Tibor Varnagy and their grown children are manifestations of her attitude and an expression of her artistic fantasies.

Magdalena Frey skillfully weaves images from the colorful life of ANDI the artist to the sounds of the sumptuous and humorous music of Szuszi Uij. A brilliant focus on an intimate Budapest - on the creative juices of this dazzling metropolis in the heart of Europe.

Cinematography and editing: Magdalena Frey
Thanks to Andi Hajagos, Tibor Varnagy and Csokolom

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