3 Women - 3 Worlds

A three-part film portrayal by Magdalena Frey
2008, 12 min


Three women from Austria's Weinviertel region are featured in short film portrayals by Magdalena Frey (Ladendorf, Austria). Their appearance in each setting can be viewed as archetypical, yet the women clearly have unique personalities.

1.) Maria lived through some difficult times as a farmer, but has managed to remain mentally sharp and retain much of her sense of humor. At nearly 90 years of age, she lives quite independently in her house and garden, where she also cares for her pets.
2.) Marianne is at the focal point of her family of five. Together with her husband, she raises organic produce as a secondary source of income. She thus symbolizes the women of the Weinviertel who have successfully managed to use their place of residence as a workplace. Marianne is actively involved in the social life in her region and likes to take advantage of the diverse cultural activities in the Weinviertel.
3.) Uli, the youngest of the three women, is a young, ambitious, athletic student who is looking ahead to her future. She has a zest for life and exudes optimism and curiosity, but she also has a number of responsibilities.

The film music for the individual portrayal segments was selected according to the women's personal preferences.

Idea, cinematography and editing: Magdalena Frey
Film material contributions: Emilie Cibulka, Uli Schmid
Technical consulting: Peter Wannerer, Camillo Cibulka, Christian Thüringer, Dominik Pichler
Thanks to Frauenkompott

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